Chapter8 Port Warren

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Chapter Info

Area Boss
Port Warren Kannival


Characters you can recruite in this chapter.

Character Class How to Recruite
Caesar Cavalier Joins at the beginning of the battle
Radd Myrmidon Joins at the beginning of the battle
Roger Knight Talk to Roger by Caeda

Walkthrough & Tips

  • There are two vendors, three armories, and an arena at the southeast end of the area. Vendors sell unusual items like magic tomes.
  • Wait until half of the enemy forces voluntarily come down to the south. Put Jagen and Draug diagonally on two plain spaces between peaks, so that they can fend off all the enemy forces while taking all the attacks. When all the units in the moving enemy troop get close enough to your troop, attack by everyone in your forces to eradicate them.
  • There are two other bands of enemy forces just waiting at the northwest and northeast respectively. They won't move unless you proceed to the north. You can fight these two troops seperately if you lure only the northwest troop first, leaving the northeast knights where they are. Have some units proceed to the north until the northwest cavalry begin heading down to the south. Have all of your units that were used to lure the northwest forces go back to the southern area between peaks where the rest of your forces await. Here again have Jagen and Draug, or any other durable units like Hardin stand on the narrow path between peaks to protect the rest of your army. Wait until all the enemy forces from northwest get close, then kill them one by one by attacking them with all your forces.
  • After one of your units cross the bridge connecting the mainland to the island on which the boss awaits, reinforcements appear from northern forts. The forts produce three cavalrymen and two knights. Have Draug stand on the bridge while the rest of your army proceed to the isle. This way the reinforcements can only fight Draug when they reach the bridge, which leaves the rest of your army safe. Draug should be durable enough by now not to take a single point of damage from enemy units, but in case Draug gets hurt, you can always replace him with Roger and have Lena or Wendell heal Draug.
  • The Boss is Kannival, a knight standing in the castle on the northeast isle. He's pretty durable, so use Marth with Rapier, Caeda with Wing Spear, or Wendell with a magic tome.
  • Seize and proceed to Chapter9 The Pyrathi Dragon.