Chapter9 The Pyrathi Dragon

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Chapter Info

Area Boss
The Pyrathi Isles Mannu


Characters you can recruite in this chapter.

Character Class How to Recruite
Jeorge Sniper Visit the NE village by Marth

Walkthrough & Tips

  • A Pyrathi Thief heads for the northeast village immediately after the battle begins. You must reach the village before the Thief does and defeat him to conserve the village. If the Thief reaches the village first, it'll be ruined.
    Have Caeda and Marth head east for the village the enemy Thief is after. Make Caeda ignore the Pirate nearby and reach the village before the Thief does. Wait on the village space to get attacked by the Thief, consequently defeating the Thief. Have Marth kill the Pirate nearby and visit the village to recruite Jeorge, who is a Sniper.
  • After defeating the Thief that was after the northeast village, have Caeda fly south. You'll find another Thief heading to the east chest. Let the Thief open the chest and obtain Wyrmslayer, then immediately kill the Thief by Caeda to get Wyrmslayer. If you leave the Theif alive for two turns after he gets Wyrmslayer, he escapes from the map by the east exit. Be sure to kill him before he runs away, otherwise you'll never get Wyrmslayer again in Chapter9.
  • While other units proceed to the south, you find a chamber which holds two chests. Have a Thief open the Door and collect the contents of the chests after you clear Pyrathi soldiers around the chamber.
  • There is an Armory at the southeast end of the area. You can visit the Armory safely after you defeat all Pyrathi soldiers and reinforcements.
  • The boss is Mannu, a male Manakete. Mannu has a high defence, but you can use Wyrmslayer to deal significant damage on him. Also note that Mannu can only attack units that are on spaces adjacent to him, so you can attack Mannu free from danger by units who use Bow and Arrow or Magic Tome.
  • After you seize, you meet Catria, one of the Peg knights from Macedonia. Proceed to Chapter10 Princess Minerva.