Chapter10 Princess Minerva

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Chapter Info

Area Boss
Castle Deil


Characters you can recruite in this chapter.

Character Class How to Recruite
Maria Cleric Enter the central chamber by the door. Talk to Maria by Marth.
Minerva Dracoknight Talk to Minerva by Marth after recruiting Maria

Walkthrough & Tips

  • First you must defeat four Cavaliers from the southwest. After you kill them all, have a Knight stand in front of the southern stairs, while all the other units go inside the fortress, which is the central area surrounded by walls.
  • Defeat a Knight, Archers and a Sniper in the fortress. When the reinforcements from the northeast arrive, have the Knight stick to the south stairs so that none of the soldiers in the reinforcements can enter the fortress. If your Knight's level is high enough, no attacks from the reinforcements can do any damage on him, so the knight is literally a wall.
  • Kill the Theif inside the fortress to rob him of the Levin sword the Thief got from one of the chests. Have your Thief reach the other chest to obtain the content. If you don't have a Thief with you this time, Marth with the Fire Emblem or a unit with a Master Key can do the job.
  • Speak to Maria, a Cleric girl captured in a chamber in the fortress. You need a Thief or a Door key to open the door of the chamber. Have Marth talk to Maria to make her join you.
  • After Maria joins you, Minerva and other eight enemy units come down together from the northeast. They head to the south entrance of the fortress, so make sure to have your Knight serve as a wall hindering them from entering the fortress. This way you can keep your other units safe in the fortress, no matter how many reinforcements appear.
  • You must talk to Minerva by Marth to have her join you. Note that Minerva is tha last one to attack you, so you don't have to have Marth go right through enemy reinforcements to talk to Minerva. Have a Knight in your troop stand still in front of the south entrance of the fortress, and kill enemy soldiers as they attack the knight. Their weapons are mainly Steel Swords and Steel Bows, so they can't harm your Knight anyway. When there are only Minerva and two other enemy units left, have Marth reach Minerva to recruite her. In the same turn, defeat the two remaining enemy soldiers by some units in your troop.
  • After you eradicate the reinforcements and recruite Minerva, there's nothing left to do so head to the boss. The Boss is waiting on the northwest platform. Now that no enemy soldiers are left on the map, you can also visit the west Houses, Vendor and Armory free from danger.
  • Defeat the Boss, Zharov. Zharov is a General and is very durable. Attack Zharov by Marth with Rapier, Caeda with Wing Spear, or by units who can use Magic Tomes.
  • Seize and proceed to Chapter11 Knorda Market.