Chapter11 Knorda Market

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Chapter Info

Area Boss
Arcanea Khozen


Characters you can recruite in this chapter.

Character Class How to Recruite
Linde Mage Visit southeast village by Marth
Jake Ballistitian Vist one of southeast houses to talk with Anna. Talk to Jake by a female unit

Walkthrough & Tips

  • First follow the east peaks to the northeast. The enemy Ballistitian has a great range, so be sure every unit who has a low defense gets out of its range. Note that units who stand next to the east peaks can avoid being hit by the enemy Ballistitian. Put fragile units there.
    Two enemy Peg knights come after your troop. Use your units with Bow and Arrow well to shoot them down.
  • Enter the southeast plateau, defeating ruffians that occupy the area. Visit the southeast village by Marth to recruite Linde, daughter of Miloah.
    In one of the houses lives Anna, who is Jake's sweetheart. Visit Anna's house to hear about Jake, an enemy Ballistitian.
    You can visit the Arena, Vendors and Armories here.
  • Bring all the units in your troop to the northeast corner. Then head west and kill the Ballistitian who uses Thunder immediately. This is the only Ballistitian who can deal proper damage on Knighthood. After you kill him, the other two Ballistitians are nothing to your Knights.
  • Have your troop stay to the east of the north forts where the Ballistitian you've just taken down used to stand. Have your Knight step into the enemy range to lure them step by step. Stay near the north forts and defeat all the enemy soldiers that you can lure into rushing toward your troop.
  • After defeating all the enemies you can reach from near the north forts, in the enemy forces there should only be Jake, the other Grustian Ballistitian, Khozen and the Boss Cavalier who stays next to Jake.
    First you must kill the Ballistitian who is not Jake. It's easy if you have your Knight go south, while being watchful not to step in Khozen's range. The two remaining Ballistitians can do little damage on your Knight, so just go and kill him.
    Next you must defeat Khozen. Khozen has his own name unlike other Grusts, but you can't recruite him. Let's consider him as a mobile boss.
  • Have Lena, or whoever can equip Staves use Warp on Caeda and send her next to Jake. Have Caeda talk to Jake to recruite him. Note that you can't fly Caeda directly to Jake without Warp, because Jake has so long a range that Caeda gets attacked by Jake's Arrowspate and immediately killed.
  • Defeat the remaining Grust in the castle and seize to proceed to Chapter12 The Ageless Palace.