Chapter12 The Ageless Palace

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Chapter Info

Area Boss
The Palace Heimler (Paladin, Mini-Boss)
Volzhin (Bishop, Boss)


Characters you can recruite in this chapter.

Character Class How to Recruite
Midia Paladin Joins immediately after the battle begins
Boah Bishop Joins immediately after the battle begins
Macellan Knight Joins immediately after the battle begins
Dolph Knight Joins immediately after the battle begins
Tomas Archer Joins immediately after the battle begins

Walkthrough & Tips

  • Immediately after the fight begins, five Arcanean soldiers join you. You can move them because they are already your troop, but can't let them get out of the northwest chamber until a Thief or someone with a Door Key reaches the chamber's door. The five Arcanean soldiers are very helpless, for none of them has any weapons.
    By pressing X, you'd notice only two of the five soldiers can stay out of the enemy range. First put the Paladin and Archer on the two safe spaces. Then put the durable two Knights in the right Archers' range, and the Bishop in the left Mage's range because he is tough against magic. Let the Knights and Bishop take attacks. In order to save these five Arcanean soldiers all, you must reach the chamber before they die.
  • As for your main troop, first have some units head east and kill two Grustian Thieves at once. Then everyone must proceed to the west, defeating enemies you encounter. Upon reaching the west end, go north and reach the chamber in which the Arcanean soldiers have been captured. Defeat enemies around the chamber and open the door to the chamber to rescue Arcanean soldiers. Some of them are pretty weak, so you'd better not use them at all. If you want to have some of them fight, be sure to hand some weapons before sending them into battlefield.
  • Heimler, the Mini-Boss who wields a Silver Lance comes up to the north. Along with Heimler, several horsemen from the southern area and many reinforcements from the east will arrive in no time. To handle this situation as safely as possible, first put all the units in your troop in the northwest corner, the area almost totally surrounded by walls. Then have your Knight (or General) stick to the entrance to the area, so that no enemies can harm any units in your troop unless they defeat your Knight. You can have your Knight handle all the enemies including Heimler, until they come no longer. You can also back up your Knight by having a unit attack with Bow and Arrow from behind the Knight.
  • After clearing all the enemies that attempt to flood in the northwest corner, where your troop got fortified, it's time to proceed to the south.
    While moving to the south, you'll find a door to a chamber with five treasure chests. In this chamber there is a Grustian General watching over the chests. First have your Knight or General reach the enemy General and defeat it. Note when you attack the enemy General, you must step into the enemy Sniper's range. Defeat the enemy General quickly and step out of the Sniper's range.
    You can obtain the contents of three treasure chests immediately. Simply have your Thief or Marth while holding Fire Emblem open the chests. The contents in the other two chests are harder to obtain, because you must step into the Sniper's range to open it. Leave these two chests untouched for now, as you can lay your hands on them once you kill the Sniper.
  • Now leave the chamber with five treasure chests. Head south to meet a Manakete. It'd be easy for you to kill the Manakete.
  • ead east and bring all your troop to the area to the south of the Boss. Don't step into the enemy range yet. As long as you don't enter the enemy range, the enemy Sniper won't move.
    You must kill the Sniper first. Have your Knight, or at least a durable unit enter the enemy range, but stay away from the Boss' range. The Sniper comes after your Knight, so have some units in your troop attack and kill the Sniper.
  • Now it's only the Boss, Volzhin and two Curates left. You can attack the Curates through a wall by Bow and Arrows or Magic Tomes. This way you don't need to step in Volzhin's range when attacking Curates. After killing two Curates, defeat the Boss.
  • Before you move on to chapter13, you can visit the southeast Armory. There is also a treasure chest nearby, so don't miss it.
    Remember to collect the contents in the two remaining chests in the chamber with five chests. You can take the contents safely now that the Sniper is dead.
  • Seize and proceed to Chapter13 The Wooden Cavalry.