Chapter13 The Wooden Cavalry

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Chapter Info

Area Boss
(Ballistitian, Boss)


Characters you can recruite in this chapter.

Character Class How to Recruite
Beck Ballistitian Visit the central village by Marth
Astram Hero Talk to Astram by Midia

Walkthrough & Tips

  • There are many enemy Ballistitians spread across the area. It's impossible to reach them without stepping into the enemy range. The enemy Ballistitians have relatively low attack stats, but be sure to reach them as soon as possible once you enter their range.
  • First you must kill Ballistitians at the north end, near the center, and at the south end of the area. Killing the north and south enemies should be easy.
    Just be sure you never have your Peg knights or Dracoknights enter the range of any Ballistitians that have Arrowspate. Arrowspate can inflict a great deal of damage on flying units.
  • You must divide your troop into three groups before attacking, and each group should go through the northern, central, and southern path respectively. While proceeding through the middle path, you can recruit Beck and Astram. Have Marth and Midia go along the central path.
    Recruiting Beck is easy, which just requires you to have Marth visit the village near the center of the map. On the other hand, recruiting Astram can be harder. You must reach Astram and talk to him directly by Midia. You might want to send Midia to Astram at once, but this can put Midia in grave danger since Astram is surrounded by some Ballistitians.
    The best tactics would be using your General with Bow and Arrow equipped. Have your General enter Astram's range to lure Astram. The General must be equipped with Bow and Arrow, because if the General has a Lance, he can kill Astram when he retaliates. Astram comes after the General, so lead Astram to the east, until he gets near enough for Midia to reach. Then you can safely have Midia talk to Astram to recruit the Hero.
  • Defeat all the Ballistitians other than the Boss. If you have difficulty, just use a Knight or a General, so that none of the Ballistitians would be able to deal major damage on your unit. After defeating all the other soldiers, reach the Boss. The boss is powerless once reached, because he is a Ballistitian, too. Kill the boss and seize to proceed to Chapter14 Land of Sorrow.