Chapter14 Land of Sorrow

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Chapter Info

Area Boss
Gra Bastion Jiol (General, Boss)


Characters you can recruit in this chapter.

Character Class How to Recruit
Catria Peg Knight Talk to Catria by Marth
Palla Peg Knight Talk to Palla by Marth

Walkthrough & Tips

  • First you start from the northeast corner. The enemy range cover all of your units because the Ballistitian nearby has a great range. You should kill the Ballistitian as soon as possible, because the Ballistitian is annoying for he aims at the most fragile unit in your troop. To attack the Ballistitian across the river, use a unit with Bow and Arrows or Magic Tomes.
  • There are two enemy Thieves in the southern area. The Thieves go east, open the southeast door, and steal the contents of the treasure chests in the chamber, then flee to the southwest and leave the map. You can't let this happen if you want the contents of the treasure chests.
    Now you must send someone to the southeast to kill the Thieves. A Dracoknight is the best choice. A Peg knight can also do the job, but be sure to take a Vulnerary because a Peg knight is less durable than a Dracoknight.
    If you can kill two Thieves before they reach the southeast door, it'd be the best. But even if you let them open the door first, you can still get the contents by defeating the Thieves. Note that once the door is unlocked, the enemy Sniper gets free. This Sniper can kill your flying unit in one turn, so just be sure not to step into the Sniper's range. As long as you stay away from the Sniper, he doesn't pursue you. Wait until the Thieves get the contents of the chests. When the Thieves leave the chamber and run for the southwest exit, catch up with the Thieves and kill them to get the items.
  • Ad for your main troop, first have your Generals head west. The enemy Archers gather round your Generals, so defeat all of them with Bow and Arrow. If you don't have any Generals in your troop yet, you can use your Archer, Sniper, or Horseman instead, but stay vigilant because the enemy Archers can deal more damage on them.
  • Now that you've cleared the northwest Archers, the rest of your troop can head west free of danger. Visit the northwest village by Marth to obtain Thoron, a formidable lightning magic tome.
  • While your troop proceed, enemy reinforcements appear at the west side. Two Peg knights come in every turn.
    The first two Peg knights are Catria and Palla, who used to serve Minerva and therefore recruitable. All you have to do is leave Marth in their range. Catria and Palla come up to Marth and join you respectively.
    Then two Grustian Peg knights arrive at the west side every turn. They aren't recruitable, so just kill them. Keep defeating the reinforcements until they come no longer.
  • Proceed to the center of the map and defeat two enemy Cavaliers. You can defeat the Curator with Fortify on the northwest platform at this point.
    Go south past the Vendor and Armory. Open the door by a Thief, then have the Thief and several other units go east from here. You can kill the Sniper in the southeast chamber and get the contents of the treasure chests if the contents still remain. Be sure to get the Silver Card if you haven't obtained it yet at this point. With the Silver Card, you can buy items for half price when you shop.
  • Head to the southwest corner of the map and defeat two Gra Knights and a Curator. Now it's only the Boss, Jiol who remains. Defeat Jiol.
  • Seize and proceed to Chapter15 The Oasis of Magic.