Chapter15 The Oasis of Magic

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Chapter Info

Area Boss
Khadein Gharnef (Bishop, Boss)


Characters you can recruit in this chapter.

Character Class How to Recruit
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Walkthrough & Tips

  • Gharnef pursues your troop and attacks with Imhullu. This is a deadly Magic, and Gharnef has a high chance of attacking twice in a turn. The points of damage your unit takes can be calculated as follows: 21 - (the attacked unit's Resistance). Most units die within a turn if attacked by Gharnef.
    Gharnef has infinite supply of Imhullu, and what is worse, you can deal no damage on Gharnef. Guide your troop away from Gharnef, keeping as much distance as you can. If you must face him, have a Bishop, General, or at least a unit tough against Magic do the job.
  • While you flee from Gharnef, defeat the enemy soldiers in the northern area. This is also required to free your troop from the chase with Gharnef.
    Defeat the Mage holding Swarm, who is standing in the northwest castle. At the beginning of the next turn, Gharnef leaves the map and won't be back in this chapter.
    After Gharnef leaves, enemy reinforcements keep appearing almost every turn. Mages appear at either the west fort or the entrance of the southeast fortress, while Dracoknights appear at the northeast fort. The reinforcements aren't tough, so just keep defeating them until they come no longer.
  • Have your Thief visit the southeast fortress to fetch items. There are two treasure chests inside. Obtain an Energy Drop and a Talisman from the treasure chests.
  • Have Marth seize the northwest castle. Meet Gotoh to learn about Starlight. Proceed to Chapter16 The Battle for Altea.