Chapter16 The Battle for Altea

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Chapter Info

Area Boss
Altea Hollstadt (General, Boss)


Characters you can recruit in this chapter.

Character Class How to Recruit
Arran Paladin Visit the west of two villages. You can recruit either Arran or Samson
Samson Hero Visit the east of two villages. You can recruit either Samson or Arran
Xane Freelancer Talk to Xane by Marth

Walkthrough & Tips

  • First head west until you reach the northwest island with four forts. Three enemy Dracoknights come after your troop, so just kill them with Bow and Arrow.
  • There are two villages to the south of the four forts. If you visit the west village, you can recruit Arran. On the other hand, Samson will join you if you visit the east village. You can only recruit either of Arran and Samson. Arran is a Paladin, while Samson is a Hero. I'd recommend the Hero, Samson, but some say Arran is the better choice. Choose whichever unit you like.
  • Stay around the northwest forts. Enemy reinforcements begin appearing from the forts after a while. As long as you stay around the forts, you can kill the reinforcements just after they appear.
    Wait until Grustian soldiers from the south come close to your troop. You should attack them only after they come into your range. All the while, never leave the northwest forts unattended in case another set of reinforcements appear. Keep defeating enemy reinforcements until they appear no longer.
  • Now it's time to head south, then east. You can visit Houses, Vendors, and Armories near the center of the map. Head east defeating enemies.
  • You can recruit Xane in chapter16. Xane is captured in the east chamber, which has two doors at the north and south end respectively. You must open either door to enter the chamber, but each door has an enemy Hero behind it.
    You can proceed safely into the chamber by defeating one of the Heroes beforehand. Have your General attack the enemy Hero through the door with Bow and Arrow, or maybe a Bishop with Magic Tome will do. After killing the Hero, have your Thief unlock the door, then go into the chamber and kill the other enemy Hero. Talk to Xane by Marth to recruit him.
    Xane is a Freelancer, which is a rare and very unique class. A Freelancer can transform into one of the adjacent units in your troop. When this happens, the Freelancer copies all the stats and form of the unit they imitated.
  • Defeat the Boss Hollstadt, a General who wields Killer Lance and Killer Bow. It'd be easy to beat Hollstadt if you have a tougher General.
  • Seize and proceed to Chapter17 Star and Savior.