Chapter17 Star and Savior

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Chapter Info

Area Boss
Altean Castle Morzas (Manakete, Boss)


Characters you can recruit in this chapter.

Character Class How to Recruit
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Walkthrough & Tips

  • You start from southern part of the map. First you should focus on retrieving the contents of the treasure chests in the southwest chamber. There are already enemy Thieves in the chamber. After the battle begins, the Thieves immediately collect some of the items from the treasure chests and set to leave.
    You can still retrieve the items the enemy Thieves took by defeating them. You must kill the Thieves before they run away from the map. After defeating the Thieves, head to the southwest chamber and get the rest of the contents of the chests.
  • As you head to the treasure chamber, some Mages from the east come after your troop. Defeat the Mages.
    After collecting all the items in the treasure chamber, head north and kill a Manakete. Go east through the northern corridor, then defeat another Manakete. Head south for the door to the throne room.
  • Before opening the door to the throne room, make sure no enemies other than those in the throne room are left alive.
    You should defeat some soldiers in the throne room prior to unlocking the entrance door. You can do this by stepping into enemy range by a durable unit with Bow and Arrow or Magic Tome. Your unit and the enemy unit nearby can exchange blows through the wall. Keep attacking until you defeat several soldiers, which should make things go easier after you proceed into the throne room.
  • When you enter the throne room, enemy reinforcements appear from the east end. A Cavalier with Steel Sword and a Knight with Javelin come in every turn. Put two durable units like Generals or Dracoknights at the west end of the room, so that they form a wall, rendering the rest of your units out of the enemy range. Keep defeating the enemy soldiers until they come no longer.
  • Now it should be only the Boss left. Defeat the Boss, Morzas. Morzas is a Mage Dragon. It'd be very easy to defeat Morzas if you use a unit with Bow and Arrow that has a high attack stat, like General or Horseman. You never get attacked by Morzas as long as you use Bow and Arrow, because Morzas can only attack units that are adjacent to him.
  • After you defeat Morzas, seize and proceed to Chapter18 The Sable Order.