Chapter18 The Sable Order

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Chapter Info

Area Boss
Chiasmir Sternlin (Paladin, Boss)


Characters you can recruit in this chapter.

Character Class How to Recruit
Est Peg Knight She turns up like one of enemy reinforcements.
Leave Marth in Est's range when she nears, and Est will voluntarily speak to Marth then join you

Walkthrough & Tips

  • At the beginning, your troop are spawned in the northeastern corner, while the Boss is waiting at the southeast end. You must cross the bridge from north to south defeating enemies.
  • First put two of your durable units like Generals, Dracoknights or Horsemen on the bridge so that they form a wall. There are no flying enemy units other than Est. This means all the enemy units that come after your troop must cross the bridge, therefore the rest of your units are safe as long as your two Generals wall them.
    It's better to have more than two durable units do the job, just in case one gets heavily injured. It's also good to divert some EXP to other units by letting them fight, otherwise your Generals will grow too fast.
    The enemy reinforcements keep coming, so just keep defeating them until they come no longer.
  • There are a town-like area with an Arena, two Armories, and two Vendors at the east end of the map. To reach the east end you must defeat five enemy soldiers. After clearing the enemies around the town, you can visit the facilities. You should save before visiting the Arena in case you die.
  • Now you can reach the southern area. Clear the rest of enemy soldiers by luring them out step by step using a durable unit.
  • When it's only the Boss left, it's time to defeat the Boss. The Boss is Sternlin, a Paladin that wields Silver Lance. You can attack the Boss safely if you use Bow and Arrow or Magic Tome, but only one unit can attack the Boss with these weapons because of the terrain. In order to have more than two units attack the Boss in a turn, you must have flying units like Dracoknights attack from the upper and right side.
  • After you defeat the Boss, seize to proceed to Chapter19 Manakete Princess.