Chapter19 Manakete Princess

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Chapter Info

Area Boss
The Fane of Raman Tiki (Manakete, Boss)


Characters you can recruit in this chapter.

Character Class How to Recruit
Tiki Manakete Talk to Tiki by Bantu

Walkthrough & Tips

  • Make sure you pick Bantu because you need him to recruit Tiki.
  • Your troop is initially deployed in the southern part of the map. Note that there are three enemy Thieves that attempt to steal the contents of treasure chests. First you should focus on eliminating these Thieves.
    First have your durable units like Generals or Dracoknights fight the enemy Mercenaries blocking the corridor. Then reach the Thieves and kill them one by one.
  • After you kill all the enemy Thieves, it's time to unlock chambers and collect items from treasure chests. There are four rows of treasure chambers, each row consisting of two chambers. For each row, one chamber contains two treasure chests, while inside the other chamber awaits an enemy that wields Bow and Arrow. Be sure to have several units gather round your Thief when you unlock the door, in case an enemy Sniper appears in the chamber.
  • Head north and defeat two enemy Mages and Clerics, then head to the Boss. The Boss is Tiki, a Manakete who wields the Divinestone. You can't deal any damage on Tiki, so you need to use Bantu. Have Bantu talk to Tiki and recruit her.
  • Seize and proceed to Chapter20 Camus the Sable.