Chapter20 Camus the Sable

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Chapter Info

Area Boss
The Grusthold Camus (Paladin, Mini-Boss)
Lorenz (General, Boss)


Characters you can recruit in this chapter.

Character Class How to Recruit
Lorenz General Talk to Lorenz by either Marth or Caeda

Walkthrough & Tips

  • You start from the southeastern corner of the map. Several Cavaliers immediately rush toward your troop, so have some durable units fight them and wall other weaker units. Even after eliminating the first band of soldiers, enemy reinforcements keep appearing. You must keep defeating Cavaliers until they come no longer.
  • There are four Ballistitians on this map, which can get really annoying when you march to the west. Have some of your tough units like Generals or Dracoknights go hunt three of the Ballistitians, leaving only the one near the Boss.
  • An enemy Thief heads to the south village to destroy it. Reach the south village before the Thief does and kill the Thief. Have Lena use Warp if you have difficulty getting hold of the village in time. Visit the south village by Marth to get Hammern from Lena's grandpa.
  • After defeating all the enemies but those who remain in the northwestern corner, it's time you head for the northwest castle. There should be Lorenz, Camus, a General, two Curates and a Ballistitian still alive in the enemy troop. Camus talks to you when you enter the range of either enemies. Camus wields the legendary lance Gradivus, which provides him an incredibly high attack stat and 1-2 range.
    It's unwise to fight all the enemies at once. First lure away the enemy General and kill him, then lure Camus and run away to the southwestern corner. When Camus gets out of the Grustian Ballistitian's range, attack Camus by as many units as possible and kill him in one turn.
    When you defeat Camus, go hunt for the Grustian Ballistitian. The Ballistitian also has a high attack stat and 3-10 range. Your Dracoknight can reach the Ballistitian without being hit. Kill two Grustian Curates beforehand if you have trouble defeating the Ballistitian.
  • Now it's only the Boss, Lorenz left. You can recruite Lorenz when talking to him by Marth or Caeda. Recruite Lorenz, and seize to proceed to Chapter21 Clash in Macedon.