Chapter21 Clash in Macedon

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Chapter Info

Area Boss
Macedonian Forest Orridyon (Paladin, Boss)


Characters you can recruit in this chapter.

Character Class How to Recruit
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Walkthrough & Tips

  • Enemy soldiers are initially deployed in the northern half of the map. Have all your units gather round the southwestern corner and wait until the enemies come close. Arrange your army so that your tougher units wall your weaker units. When some of the enemy soldiers come near enough, attack them and kill them in one turn. Do this every turn and leave none of your units in the enemy range when your phase ends.
  • Enemy reinforcements keep appearing at the northern forts. Keep defeating them in the southwestern corner until they come no longer.
    After eliminating enemy reinforcements, step into the enemy range by a tough unit to lure enemy Generals, Dracoknights, and Mages. Lure them away one by one from the main body of enemy troops to the southern part, where the rest of your army are waiting. Kill them once they reach your army's range.
  • Now it should be only the Boss and two Curates that are left. Defeat the Boss to obtain a Master Seal.
  • Seize to proceed to Chapter22.