Mt. Snowhere (Real World)

DQ6 Walkthrough - Mt. Snowhere in the Real World.

On Your First Visit

  • Sail west from Pescado to find the mountains covered with snow. Descend from Providence onto the shore and head for the mountains.
  • You will find a village in a mountain as you proceed. Enter this village, Mt. Snowhere.
  • All the peaple are frozen here and there in Mt. Snowhere. Visit the house at the northwest of the village. Talk to the old man in the basement. He will tell you about the shrine to the northeast of Mt. Snowhere.
  • Leave Mt. Snowhere, then go northeast. Enter the shrine.
  • A young woman stands still at the center of the shrine. Talk to her and she will speak about a young man, Colbur.
  • Return to Mt. Snowhere. Visit the old man who informed you of the northern shrine. You will notice Terry the swordsman speaking with him. After Terry leaves, talk to the old man to learn that he is Colbur himself.
  • Visit the woman in the shrine again. The woman, Gerda the Snow maiden will lift the curse once she had put on Mt Snowhere.
  • When you return to Mt. Snowhere, the village has been brought to life again. Now you can talk to the villagers.
  • Visit the church to see the sage Ali Kazam. The church is at the west of the village. Talk to Ali Kazam resting in the bottom-right room. Ali Kazam will tell you about the legendary Sword of Ramias. The sword rests in the mountain north of Mt. Snowhere. Ali Kazam gives you a password and three phrases of hint.
  • Leave Mt. Snowhere and go north. Enter the shrine, Everfrost Grotto at the top of the mountain.

After Obtaining Sword of Ramias

  • Ali Kazam will still be resting at the church. Tell him you got the Sword of Ramias and the poor condition of this legendary equipment. Ali Kazam will give you the Turnscote's pendant, which enables you to go into Turnscote.
  • Head for Turnscote to find the swordsmith who can fix the Sword of Ramias.