Pescado (Real World)

DQ6 Walkthrough - Pescado in the Real World.


On Your First Visit

  • After opening the floodgate with the Floodgate key, sail to the southwest to find a village called Pescado.
    You don't have to descend from the Providence when you enter Pescado. Just move closer to the village and you can dock the ship. When you get off the ship, a fisherman Rod will talk to you on the pier. He speaks about mermaids.
  • Leave Pescado to visit the cave in which a mermaid is said to rest. The cave is located at the north of Pescado. Get on the Providence again to visit the cave. You can go into the cave while on the Providence.
  • Witness a mermaid resting on the rock inside the cave. When you get closer, the mermaid will flee to another cave. Follow her and move closer again. The mermaid will run away, and this time can't be found in the cave anymore.
  • Return to Pescado and visit the restaurant. The restaurant is the house with a painting of a fish. When you go into the restaurant, the chef will go out. Follow him to Rod's house at the southeast of the town. Talk to the chef in Rod's house. He will leave.
  • Go out of Rod 's house. Rod will come out too, so sneak up behind him. Take care not to be found by Rod. He will head to the cave at the northwest of the town, so just follow him.
  • Go into the cave after Rod. Follow him to the end of the cave. Be careful all the way along not to be noticed by Rod. He will occasionally turn around to confirm nobody's after him. When he does it, hide behind the rocks on the way.
    The cave has three sections. At the end of the cave, if you still remain to be unnoticed, Rod will press a secret button on the wall. As a hidden entrance appears, Rod disappears into the hidden cave. The hidden entrance will be shut fast after Rod goes into the cave. To follow Rod, examine where the button should be, then press the button to open the secret cave.
  • Follow Rod into the secret cave, and you will witness the mermaid Unda again. Talk with Rod and tell him that you have a ship to take Unda to her home.
  • Return to Pescado and get on the Providence. Go into the cave north of Pescado, where you first witnessed the mermaid Unda. Go farther into the cave to show your ship to Rod. Unda will follow you after the Providence from now on.
  • Sail to the northeast, passing by the floodgate, and farther northeast. You will find the mermaid's nest in the northeast ocean.
  • Enter the mermaid's home. Unda will meet her sister Ova again. After their reunion, Ova will give you the Lorelei's harp.