Turnscote (Real World)

DQ6 Walkthrough - Turnscote in the Real World.

On Your First Visit

  • Visit Turnscote, a town located at the southeast of the World Map, after you got the Turnscote's Pendant from Ali Kazam at Mt. Snowhere.
  • Find Mo the Mole on the rooftop of the hidden bar. The hidden bar is at the northeast of the town. The entrance to the bar is on the right of the alley, but you can't see the door from the original view. If you have problems with finding the entrance, turn your camera around by pressing L or R to get a better angle.
  • Talk to Mo the Mole at the rooftop of the hidden bar. Mo the Mole will challenge you to find him in disguise three times.
    First, he is at the church pretending to be a priest. He is talking with one of the local people.
    At the second time, he is in disguise of a bunny girl. He is talking with another lady in the basement dressing room of the Casino. You need to pay 100 gold coins to get to the basement.
    Third and the last time, he is at the bar as a bartender. It's not the hidden bar once Mo the Mole was in, but another bar at the west of the town.
  • After you found all three of Mo the Mole's disguise, peer into the well in the town. Mo the Mole's house is in the well. Bring 2000 gold coins for the information fee.
    Mo the Mole will inform you of Welda, the legendary swordsmith's daughter, only after you handed 2000 gold coins to him.
  • Visit Welda's house at the northeast of the town to find she is absent.
  • Leave Turnscote and visit the shrine northeast of the town. Welda is talking to her dead mother Ethyl in front of her grave. Talk to Welda and she will leave for Turnscote.
  • Visit Welda's house again. Promise her that you will make use of the Sword of Ramias only for the sake of good. Welda will finally take the rusty sword to repair.
    Welda begins to smith the Sword of Ramias. Leave it to her and get out of Turnscote to find the other three of legendary equipments.

After Obtaining Three of Legendary Equipments

  • Visit Welda. When you talk to her, she will finish swordsmithing and hand you the legendary sword. You obtain the Sword of Ramias.