Dancer (Standard Vocation)

Dancer is a Standard Vocation in Dragon Quest 6.

About Dancer

  • A Dancer is able to learn a series of abilities related to dance. The dances a Dancer learn will cause enemies trouble or support party members.
  • The Dancer is the most agile vocation, along with the Metal Slime. It is good when you have a party member go through the Priest first and learn healing spells, then change paths to Dancer. The party member will be able to cast Midheal before any enemy monsters can move.
  • The abilities a Dancer learns is not essential in battles, compared with the abilities and spells that the Martial Artist, Mage, and Priest can learn. This means you don't have to have a dancer in your party, nor make a party member go through the Dancer.
    However, you have to master the Dancer before taking up the Luminary. The Luminary has a higher Style than any other vocation, therefore having a Luminary take part in the Best-Dressed Show at Chateau de Sass is highly recommended. If you want a Luminary in your party, then he has to go through the Dancer beforehand.
    If you want to make a party member other than Hero take up the vocation Hero, he must master Luminary, thus the mastery of the Dancer will also be needed.

Dancer Spell & Ability

Level Rank Spell & Ability
1 Sultry Dance
2 Dodgy Dance
7 Prime Performer
8 Divine Dancer Death Dance

Dancer Attribute Bonus & Penalty

Attribute Bonus / Penalty
Strength -30%
Agility +30%
Resilience -40%
Wisdom +0%
Style +10%
Maximum HP -30%
Maximum MP -20%