Mage (Standard Vocation)

Mage is a Standard Vocation in Dragon Quest 6.

About Mage

  • Mage can learn a series of elemental spells, and cast them to match enemy weaknesses. Thus Mage can do considerable damage to enemies.
    However, Mage has a very low Resilience and Maximum HP. A Mage is not durable, and is most likely to fall in battles, so be aware of this before taking up this vocation.
  • You can learn useful healing spells such as Fullheal and Kazing by taking up the Sage. Sage is an advanced vocation and requires Mage and Priest to be mastered. If you want a Sage in your party, you must have him go through the Mage first.
  • The Mage and the Priest are both non-melee-based vocations, so you might confuse them. The Mage learn spells to attack enemies, while the Priest learn spells to heal or support party members.

Mage Spell & Ability

Level Rank Spell & Ability

Mage Attribute Bonus & Penalty

Attribute Bonus / Penalty
Strength -40%
Agility -5%
Resilience -40%
Wisdom +20%
Style +0%
Maximum HP -40%
Maximum MP +10%