Martial Artist (Standard Vocation)

Martial Artist is a Standard Vocation in Dragon Quest 6.

About Martial Artist

  • A Martial Artist is similar to a Warrior, regarding that they both depend on physical abilities, not magic-based attacks. However, the Martial Artist is more agile and less durable vocation.
  • A Martial Artist can learn several useful abilities, such as Roundhouse Kick and Knuckle Sandwich, that you can rely on all the way through your adventure. They are physical abilities and not magic-based, so you have no worries that a Martial Artist might use up his MP.

Martial Artist Spell & Ability

Level Rank Spell & Ability
1 Leg Sweep
3 Roundhouse Kick
4 Black Belt Knuckle Sandwich

Martial Artist Attribute Bonus & Penalty

Attribute Bonus / Penalty
Strength +0%
Agility +15%
Resilience -10%
Wisdom -20%
Style +0%
Maximum HP +0%
Maximum MP -50%