Chateau de Sass (Real World)

DQ6 Walkthrough - Chateau de Sass in the Real World.


On Your First Visit

  • To obtain the legendary armour, you need the Flying Carpet. You can find the carpet, or at least what used to be the Flying Carpet, at Chateau de Sass.
  • Embark on Providence and sail to the northwest of the World Map. Head for the island with a house. To reach the center part of the island, you need the Lorelei's harp. Use the harp to dive underwater, then go north through the narrow path on the ocean floor. Float up at the end of the path, and you will find Chateau de Sass nearby.
  • Go downstairs to take part in the best-dressed show. What you need to obtain is the Plush rug, which they give away for the prize of level 3 competition. You can't challenge level 3 at first, you must go through level 1 and 2 beforehand.
  • Before you participate in the show, change your equipments so that you could blend in the fashion show. See your Style via the Attributes Menu. The higher the Style, the better chance you win the contest. There are other tips such as below.
    • Fashion Forge:
      You can make some of your equipments' style increase. To do this, you must visit the Fashion Forge shop, either down the well at the south end of the World Map, or at the west of Turnscote. It will cost some thousands of gold coins, but the weapon's style will increase considerably in most of times.
    • Vocation:
      Some vocations increases your Style just by taking them up. Luminary is the best vocation for style, and requires Dancer and Gadabout to be mastered. If you have nobody in your party to take up Luminary at this point, it'd be good enough to compromise with Dancer.
    • Party member:
      Each party member has his or her own basic Style, before it is adjusted by a vocation. You can see the value when you drop your vocation at Alltrades Abbey.
      If all of your party members' level are close, Milly would mark the highest basic Style. However, Milly cannot equip Helmets, which means you can't add some Style to Milly by having her equipped with good Helmets.
      On the other hand, The Hero can equip Helmets, and his basic value of Style isn't low. What is more, the Hero is the only person who can equip the legendary equipments you've obtained so far, such as the Helm of Sebath. The legendary equipments have rather high value of Style, so they can be of some help.
  • To take part in the show, have a word with the man waiting for you in the changing room. Then line up at the back of your opponents.
    The show will begin. While one of your opponent is on the catwalk, just wait for your turn. Walk through the catwalk on your turn. You'll hear someone admiring your fashion when your Style is high enough, but hearing those words doesn't necessarily mean you are the winner of the show.
  • After winning in the level 3 show, the Plush rug will be yours.