Alltrades Abbey (Dream World)

DQ6 Walkthrough - Alltrades Abbey in the Dream World.

On Your First Visit

  • After defeating Murdaw at Murdaw's Isle in the Real World, Alltrades Abbey in the Dream World will be restored to its original state.
  • Visit Alltrades Abbey to acquire vocations. Recommended vocation to each character would be as below, but you don't have to follow this. You'll need to change vocations many times after mastering one anyway.
    Hero: Warrior or Martial Artist
    Carver: Warrior or Martial Artist
    Milly: Mage or Priest
    Ashlynn: Mage or Priest
    Nevan: Mage or Priest

After Watching Ending

  • Visit Alltrades Abbey again. Go down to the basement hall, where the torches of completed vocations stand.
  • If you've seen the Ending already, the hidden entrance at the top of the hall will open. (DS version) Go into the small chamber. Take stairs leading down to the dungeon.
  • This dungeon consists of many floors. Each floor is the one of the dungeons you've visited during your adventure. Take stairs to the next level, and you will be on a floor of a totally different dungeon.
  • After passing through some levels, you will reach Weaver's Peak. Your party menbers are temporarily gone. Visit your house to talk to a girl, who isn't Tania. Choose from three options she offers, and this Weaver's Peak will turn into a differntly named village.
    Note that this Weaver's Peak is not real, and Weaver's Peaks in both the Dream World and Real World won't change into a different village. No worries.
    From now on, you can visit this counterfeit Weaver's Peak by casting Zoom.
  • Visit the house which should be Mayor Spindell's residence in the real Weaver's Peak. Peer into the well in the basement to hit the dungeon again with your party members.
  • At the end of the dungeon, you arrive at the top of old Felonia Castle. Enter the chamber of ceremony to summon the Fiend. When you step closer to the offerings, the boss Nocturnal appears. Defeat Nocturnal.