Murdaw's Isle (Real World)

DQ6 Walkthrough - Murdaw's Isle in the Real World.

On Your First Visit

  • When you wake up, you'll find yourself by the fire with a girl. Talk with the girl, then the guy.
  • Go north and talk the girl again. A dragon will appear and carry you to Murdaw's castle.
  • In Murdaw's castle, enter the northwest room and proceed. Go into the last room and talk with Murdaw. Some events will ensue.

After Taking Providence

  • Head northeast to find a stairway. You have to walk across the lava to reach the stairs. Go upstairs.
  • On the third floor, proceed through the narrow cave. Take stairs at the end of the passageway.
  • On the fourth floor, there's no longer the lava. However, the monsters' species will be changed with the tougher ones.
  • At the end of the dungeon, you will finally reach Murdaw's keep. Once you reached here, you can return by casting Zoom.
  • After some conversation by the fire, go north and talk to Milly. She will play the Ocarina and a dragon will be summoned. The dragon will carry you to Murdaw's keep.
  • In Murdaw's keep, press in as you did before. At the end of Murdaw's keep, you will face the boss Murdaw once again, this time the real one. You have to defeat Murdaw twice.
  • Murdaw appears with two of his servant. If you defeat the servant before you defeat Murdaw, then Murdaw calls for backup and the servant will reappear. So you should defeat first Murdaw, then the servants.
  • After defeating Murdaw once, he will reappear in the next room. Murdaw is not surrounded by its servants this time, yet he launches attacks based on thunder and ice that do lots of damage to all of your party members simultaneously. Defeat him once again.
  • After defeating Murdaw twice, you will be automatically sent back to the castle of Somnia.