Force Gem Quest - Starving Man Wants Fish

Zelda ST Walkthrough - Force Gem Quest, Starving Man Wants Fish.


Quest Data

What Is Required 10 fish
Location Papuchia Village - Castle Town
Where New Tracks Appear eastern part of Forest Realm


  • Talk to a guy standing near the center of Castle Town and he asks you to bring him more than 10 fish.
  • You can buy fish at Papuchia Village after beating Force Gem Quest - Mega Ice to Cool Fish. Purchase 20 fish for 50 rupees from the woman you delivered Mega Ice.
  • Bring the fish to Castle Town, but note that the number of fish you've got gradually decreases. If your train is hit by an enemy, the number of fish will considerably decrease, so be sure to avoid them or kill them before they can attack the train.
  • When you arrive at Castle Town with more than 10 fish, talk to the hungry man. He'll give you the Force Gem which will enhance the tracks in the eastern part of Forest Realm.