Force Gem Quest - Mega Ice to Cool Fish

Zelda ST Walkthrough - Force Gem Quest, Mega Ice to Cool Fish.


Quest Data

What is required 10 blocks of Mega Ice
Location Wellspring Station - Papuchia Village
Where New Tracks Appear north of Papuchia Village, leading to Pirate's Hideout


  • After Obtaining Freight Car, complete Force Gem Quest Place to Make Mega Ice first.
  • Talk to the woman by the box full of fish. She'll ask you to bring her more than 10 blocks of ice.
  • Visit Wellspring Station and purchase 20 blocks of Mega Ice. You can cut the price to as low as 50 rupees.
  • Bring the Mega Ice to Papuchia Village. When you enter Ocean Realm, the Mega Ice begins to melt. In order to bring 10 ices in time, you need to make use of a warp gate. After leaving Wellspring Station with the Mega Ice, head for the southern part of Snow Realm. Activate the warp gate with the whistle and go through it. You'll be at the south of Ocean Realm in no time, so just head to Papuchia Village.
  • Talk to the woman who asked you to bring her the ice. You'll receive a Force Gem from her, which will enhance the tracks to the north of Papuchia Village. Now you have access to Pirate's hideout.