Force Gem Quest - Rescue Fisherman from Pirates

Zelda ST Walkthrough - Force Gem Quest, Rescue Fisherman from Pirates.


Quest Data

Who Is Concerned a fisherman from Papuchia Village
Location Pirates Hideout - Papuchia Village
Where New Tracks Appear around the center of Ocean Realm


  • After beating Force Gem Quest - Mega Ice to Cool Fish, visit Pirate's Hideout station. It's located at the north of Papuchia Village. Talk with Zelda in front of the entrance to the hideout.
  • When you enter the hideout, first you need to defeat all of the monsters with your Bow and Arrows. Shoot them before they attack you.
  • After getting rid of all the monsters around the cell, you will get out of the cave by cart with a guy who had been captive here for ages. Defeat the monsters before they can hit you while on the cart. When you come across the boss, shoot it with your Bow and Arrows repeatedly until it falls.
  • After successfully getting out of Pirate's Hideout, bring this guy to his home, Papuchia Village. After you make it to the village, he will give you a Force Gem as a token of his grattitude. This Force Gem will enhance the tracks at the center of Ocean Realm.