Force Gem Quest - Goron Left Out of Home

Zelda ST Walkthrough - Force Gem Quest, Goron Left Out of Home.


Quest Data

What Is Required 10 blocks of Mega Ice
Location Wellspring Station - Goron Village
Where New Tracks Appear southern part of Fire Realm, leading to Sand Realm


  • After delivering your first Mega Ice to Goron village, you can enter the village. Talk to a Goron at the northeast of the village. There's still another pillar of lava before his house.
  • Visit Wellspring Station to fetch some Mega Ice. This time you can cut the price to as low as 50 rupees. Bring the Mega Ice to Goron Village to cool down the lava. You must bring more than 10 blocks of Mega Ice to succesfully get rid of the lava.
  • After the lava cools down, the Goron finally gets home. You'll receive a Force Gem from him. It will enhance the tracks, enabling you to reach Sand Realm via the southern part of Fire Realm.