Force Gem Quest - Goron Goes to Castle Town

Zelda ST Walkthrough - Force Gem Quest, Goron Goes to Castle Town.


Quest Data

Who Is Concerned Grandson of Goron Elder
Location Goron Village - Castle Town
Where New Tracks Appear northwestern area of Fire Realm


  • After beating Fire Temple, talk to the Elder's grandson standing in front of Elder's residence. The Elder's grandson says he wants to go to Castle Town.
  • Pick him up at Goron Village, then take him to Castle town. After arriving at Castle Town, find the Goron talking to one of the townspeaple. After the ensuing conversation, you'll receive the Force Gem from him. This Force Gem enhances the tracks at the northwest of Fire Realm.
  • Leave Castle Town once, then come back to find the Goron standing at the center of the town. Talk to him and give him some words of encouragement to receive the Goron Amber.