Force Gem Quest - Ferrus Visits Ocean Temple

Zelda ST Walkthrough - Force Gem Quest, Ferrus Visits Ocean Temple.


Quest Data

Who Is Concerned Ferrus, the train expert
Location Fire Realm - Ocean Temple
Where New Tracks Appear eastern part of Fire Realm, leading to Dark Ore Mine


  • After Obtaining the Compass of Light, you'll receive a letter from Ferrus when you come across a post. The letter contains a map that indicates where Ferrus is. He is actually waiting for you at the north of the Fire Realm.
  • Pick him up and take him to Ocean Temple to receive the second Force Gem from Ferrus. This Force Gem will enhance the tracks at the east of Fire Realm. Now you can visit the Dark Ore Mine at the northeast of Fire Realm.
  • You'll receive a letter from Ferrus after beating this Force Gem Quest. Meet Ferrus, who is taking pictures by the tracks to the Forest Temple this time. Ferrus will thank you by giving you the Gorom Amber.