Force Gem Quest - Ferrus Meets Alfonzo

Zelda ST Walkthrough - Force Gem Quest, Ferrus Meets Alfonzo.


Quest Data

Who Is Concerned Ferrus, the Train Expert
Location Snow Realm - Aboda Village
Where New Tracks Appear northeastern part of Forest Realm


  • After bringing some Mega Ice to cool down the lava in front of Goron Village, you'll receive a letter from Ferrus, the train expert. The letter contains a picture taken somewhere in Snow Realm, saying that Ferrus should be there.
  • Go to Snow Realm and head northwest. Ferrus is somewhere around the tracks to the south of Snow Temple. When you find Ferrus, stop by to pick him up. Ferrus says he wants an autogragh from Alfonzo.
  • Make your way to Aboda Village, where Alfonzo lives. After arriving at Aboda Village, enter Alfonzo's house to listen to their conversation. Ferrus will thank you by giving the Force Gem to you. The tracks in the northeastern part of Forest Realm will be enhanced by this Force Gem.