Force Gem Quest - Cucco Raiser in Aboda Village

Zelda ST Walkthrough - Force Gem Quest, Cucco Raiser in Aboda Village.


Quest Data

What Is Required 10 Cuccos
Location Castle Town - Aboda Village
Where New Tracks Appear through a cave at the southwest of Forest Realm, leading to a Warp Gate to Fire Realm


  • Visit Aboda Village after defeating Byrne at Tower of Spirits. Talk to a man at the west of the village. He is planning on raising Cuccos here. He needs 10 Cuccos.
  • You can purchase 5 Cuccos for 50 rupees from the Cucco seller at Castle Town. Since you can carry up to 5 Cuccos at one time, you have to carry Cuccos from Castle Town to Aboda Village twice.
  • Two packs of Cucco snatchers will appear during your journey to Aboda Village, so be sure to defeat them before they can attack your train. If your train get a hit, some Cuccos will run off from your Freight Car.
  • After successfully delivering 10 Cuccos to the man in Aboda Village, you'll receive the Force Gem from him. The Force Gem will enhance tracks in the southwest part of Forest Realm, providing you with the access to a warp gate to Fire Realm.