Valley Windworks

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Battle against Galactic Grunt!

  • A Team Galactic Grunt is guarding the entrance door to the facility. Defeat the Galactic Grunt. The Grunt goes inside and locks the door from the opposite side.
  • You must find the key to the facility. Return to Floaroma Town, then go to Floaroma Meadow via the northwest exit.

Free Valley Windworks!

  • Come back here when you get the Works Key at Floaroma Meadow. Open the entrance door and go into the facility.
  • The Galactic Grunt who shut the door runs away. Head to the last room defeating Galactic Grunts to meet Mars, one of the three Commanders. Defeat Mars, who uses a Zubat and a Purugly.
  • When you beat Mars, all the members of Team Galactic leave the power plant at once.
    Speak to the engineer and his daughter to hear about Drifloon. Drifloon comes to Valley Windworks every Friday.
  • Leave Valley Windworks and head north via Route 205.

Wild Pokemon List

Pokemon How to Meet
Shellos Walk in tall grass
Shinx Walk in tall grass

Trainers List

Trainer Class Note
Galactic Grunt A member of Team Galactic. Uses mainly Poison-type and Dark-type Pokemon

[Valley Windworks / Sinnoh Region]