Floaroma Meadow

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Get Works Key!

  • You can enter Floaroma Meadow after you defeat a Galactic Grunt at Valley Windworks. It's to the north of Floaroma Town.
  • You find two Team Galactic Grunts attempting to snatch the Honey from the owner of the meadow. Defeat both of them to free the owner. The owner hands you the Works Key, which is the key to the facility in Valley Windworks.
  • After this point, you can purchase a Honey for P100 from the owner whenever you come back here. Slather the Honey on the yellow tree bark to attract Pokemon. You may find a rare Pokemon when you come back to the tree next time.
  • Go to Valley Windworks again.

Visit Northern Part of Meadow!

  • You originally can't reach the northern section of Floaroma Meadow because of the ledge that divides the northern and southern section. You need HM03 Surf to reach the northern area.
  • Surf west, then north from Route 205 to reach the entrance to the northern section of Floaroma Meadow. Here you can collect many items, including hidden Items and hidden Honeys. Use the Dowsing Machine Poketch app to pick up every item.

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