Sunyshore City

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Explore Sunyshore City!

  • When you first come to Sunyshore Town, you meet the Elite Four Flint, who is also a good friend of the Gym Leader, Volkner.
  • You can battle with a Guitarist who appears by the reception counter of the Pokemon Center at times.
  • You can buy many kinds of Seals at Sunyshore Market. Sunyshore Market is in the large building near the Poke Mart. Put Seals on your Poke Balls to make pretty effects appear when you send in your Pokemon.
  • Talk to the girl inside Sunyshore Market, who is standing near the entrance. If the first Pokemon in your party list has earned 510 EVs, the girl gives it the Effort Ribbon. Use this girl to confirm that your Pokemon has earned as many EVs as it can.
  • Visit Julia's house to receive more Ribbons. Julia's house is one of the two buildings located on the northeast platform. The first time you talk to Julia, she says she's bored. Speak to Julia again, and she asks you to come back occasionally to tell her about your adventure.
    From the next day on, Julia gives you a Ribbon when you visit her. Speak to Julia and select a word to receive a Ribbon, which is attatched to the first Pokemon in your party list. The ribbon Julia gives away differs depending on which day in a week you visit her.
  • A Scientist who adds apps to your Poketch lives near Vista Lighthouse. His house is located on a platform to the south of the lighthouse. Use Rock Climb to reach his house and speak to the scientist twice. The scientist says he wants to see a Pokemon that has Serious nature. Put a Serious-Natured Pokemon in your party and speak to the scientist again to receive a Poketch app.
    Then the scientist wants to see a Naive-natured Pokemon. Show the scientist the Pokemon to receive another app. To get the third and last app, you need to show the scientist a Quirky-natured Pokemon.

Challenge Sunyshore Gym!

  • You can't enter the Gym before meeting Volkner at Vista Lighthouse because Flint blocks the way. Go to Vista Lighthouse first, which is located in the southeastern corner of the upper level of the town. Enter the lighthouse and the elevator automatically takes you to the observatory. Volkner is the guy who is looking into the binoculars. Speak to Volkner to make him return to Sunyshore Gym.
  • The Sunyshore Gym is in the upper western section of the city. Beat the Gym Leader Volkner to receive the Beacon Badge and TM 57 Charge Beam.
  • Head north to appear in the shore. When you reach the beach, Barry catches up with you. Barry leaves without battling, then you meet Jasmine, a girl who is also a Gym Leader in Johto region. Receive HM07 Waterfall from Jasmine and use Surf by the water to proceed to Route 223.

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