Sunyshore Gym

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Defeat Gym Leader Volkner!

  • To proceed to the platform on which the Gym Leader Volkner awaits, you need to rotate the gears on the floor by stepping on the switches. If you rotate the passageway to the correct direction, you can walk to the next platform.
  • Volkner is on the highest platform in the third hall. Reaching Volkner might get a bit tricky. First you climb to one of the higher platforms. You should be on the left side of the room at this point. Then rotate the gears and move to the right side of the room. Then use stairs to come down to the lower level. Look at the gear on the floor that has the red switch. Step on the red switch to rotate the gears, and the gears on the upper level rotate at the same time. Return to the upper level and now you can walk to the last platform to meet Volkner.
  • Defeat Volkner, who uses Jolteon, Magneton, Electivire and Luxray. Obtain the Beacon Badge and TM 57 Charge Beam. You can win very easily if you have a tough Ground-type Pokemon, because most of Volkner's Pokemon can do little against Ground-Type Pokemon.

Used Pokemon List

Pokemon Note
Electivire Volkner
Jolteon Volkner
Luxio Ace Trainer
Luxray Volkner
Magnemite Guitarist
Magneton Volkner
Pikachu Poke Kid
Raichu Ace Trainer

Trainers List

Trainer Class Note
Ace Trainer Uses tough Pokemon
Guitarist Uses Pokemon related to Guitar
Poke Kid Disguised as Pikachu. Uses Pikachu

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