Route 209

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Go to Solaceon Town!

  • Go east from Hearthome gate to find a fisherman on a pier. If you answer "Yes" to his question, he gives you the Good Rod.
  • Head east until you find a collapsed stone tower. Use the Odd Keystone to restore the state of the tower, which turns out to be Hallowed Tower.
  • Head north from Hallowed Tower to find another, much taller tower. This is Lost Tower, in which Pokemon trainers mourn over their dead partners. You can enter Lost Tower right now, but you should visit here later when you get HM Defog.
  • Continue north to arrive in Solaceon Town.

Wild Pokemon List

Pokemon How to Meet
Bibarel Walk in tall grass
Ralts Walk in tall grass
Magikarp Use Rod by water
Staravia Walk in tall grass

Trainers List

Trainer Class Note
Cowgirl Uses horse Pokemon
Pokemon Breeder Uses unevolved Pokemon
Pokemon Kid Disguised as Pokemon
Twins Do Multi Battle
Young Couple Do Multi Battle

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