Lost Tower

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Climb Lost Tower to Top Floor!

  • Lost Tower is the tall tower in the northeastern corner of Route 209, which can be visited immediately after you reach Route 209. However, it's recommended you enter Lost Tower after you get HM Defog in Solaceon Ruins.
  • In Lost Tower, you must go upstairs several times until you reach the top floor. The fog thickens as you climb the tower. This fog makes it difficult to hit your opponents during the battle. You can clear the fog by using Defog.
  • There are two old women on the top floor, who are troubled by the thick fog. Use Defog to clear the fog for them. Each of the two women gives you a tag. You receive the Cleanse Tag from the right woman, while the left woman gives you the Spell Tag.

Wild Pokemon List

Pokemon How to Meet
Duskull Walk on floor
Ghastly Walk on floor
Zubat Walk on floor

Trainers List

Trainer Class Note
Poke Fan Uses Seals on Poke Balls
Young Couple Do Multi Battle

[Lost Tower / Sinnoh Region]