Old Chateau

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Explore Old Chateau!

  • Old Chateau is the haunted manor located near the northeastern corner of Eterna Forest. After obtaining the Forest Badge at Eterna Gym, the Gym Leader Gardenia appears next to the trees blocking the path to Old Chateau. Speak to Gardenia, then use Cut to cut thin trees to clear the path. Enter Old Chateau.
  • You find Rotom in Old Chateau. First go up the stairs to reach the second floor. Then go into the back door to appear in a corridor connected to five rooms.
    Enter the second room from the left. When you examine the TV set, a Rotom Lv20 appears. Be sure to bring Poke Balls to catch this rare Pokemon.
  • There is the Old Gateau somewhere in the mansion. This item lifts any status ailments from a Pokemon when used. Though Old Gateau isn't of much use, this is a rare item only found in Old Chateau, with its name corresponding to the place.

Wild Pokemon List

Pokemon How to Meet
Ghastly Walk on floor
Rotom Examine the TV set in the second room from the left on the second floor

Trainers List

Trainer Class Note

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