Eterna Forest

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Get through the Forest!

  • You meet Cheryl near the entrance of the forest. You and Cheryl go through Eterna Forest together until you get out. Cheryl restores your Pokemon's health after every battle, so she is pretty handy. As long as you stick with Cheryl, every battle you're engaged in is Tag Battle. Cheryl uses a Lv20 Chansey.
  • Proceed while picking up items. First go north, then to the east until you hit the end, then head south to meet two Psychics. Then go east a little bit, and head north to appear in front of the entrance to Old Chateau.
  • You can't enter Old Chateau yet. You can go into the haunted manor after you beat the Eterna Gym Leader.
  • There is a green rock covered with moss somewhere in the forest. This mossy rock has an enigmatic power to make Eevee evolve into Leafeon when they level up near this rock.
  • Go east to exit Eterna Forest. Before leaving the forest, you receive the Soothe Bell from Cheryl and part with her. Leave Eterna forest by the exit to appear in the northern section of Route 205.

Wild Pokemon List

Pokemon How to Meet
Budew Walk in tall grass
Buneary Walk in tall grass
Bidoof Walk in tall grass
Cascoon Walk in tall grass
Dustox Walk in tall grass
Hoothoot Walk in tall grass
Silcoon Walk in tall grass
Wurmple Walk in tall grass

Trainers List

Trainer Class Note
Bug Catcher Uses Bug-type Pokemon
Lass Uses relatively weak Pokemon. Female counterpart of Youngster
Psychic Uses Psychic-type Pokemon or Pokemon that use Psychic-type moves

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