Hearthome City

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Explore Hearthome City!

  • You meet Keira, who works at Pokemon Contest Hall, near the entrance of Hearthome City.
  • The Fisher standing near the center of the city shows you around the city if you ask him to.
  • There is Pokemon Fan Club at the east of the town. Speak to the chairman to receive the Poffin Case.
  • Visit Poffin house to cook some Poffins. Bring some Berries as ingredients.
  • You can speak to people in the west church to learn what they think about human and Pokemon.
  • Walk around Amity Square to collect accessories. You can enter Amity Square by either the west or east gate. You need a cute Pokemon to walk around with. Stroll around the park a little while, and then talk to your Pokemon to collect an item from it.

Visit Pokemon Contest Hall!

  • Pokemon Contest Hall is at the northern end of the town. Enter the Contest Hall to see Mom. Mom gives you the Dress. Meet Keira and receive Glitter Powder.
  • Meet Fantina, the Hearthome Gym Leader. Fantina is the woman dressed all in purple. Fantina leaves for the Gym.
  • You can have Practice sessions at the top-right counter, while the counter at the middle is for registration of Super Contest. As for the top-left counter, it's used for Wireless Contest, in which you can participate with up to four friends via DS Wireless Communication.

Beat Hearthome Gym!

  • Go to Hearthome Gym and defeat the Gym Leader Fantina to obtain the Relic Badge and TM65 Shadow Claw. Fantina uses Duskull, Mismagius and Haunter. Watch out for moves that cause status ailments like confusion and sleep.
  • After defeating Fantina, you can leave Hearthome City by the southeastern gate. You meet Barry in the gate, who immediately challenges you into a battle. Barry uses Staravia, Monferno, Roselia and Buizel in case you chose Turtwig for your first Pokemon. If you got Chimchar or Piplup, Barry uses a different set of Pokemon.
  • Leave the gate to appear in Route 209.

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