Hearthome Gym

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Defeat Fantina!

  • There are two halls and two chambers in Hearthome Gym. You come to the first chamber immediately after you enter the gym.
  • Proceed to the next hall which contains two Pokemon trainers. The hall is so very dark that you can barely see things around. To proceed to the next hall, you must find the blue tile somewhere on the floor. When you come across the blue tile, be sure to remember the symbol on it. Go to the next hall by the door on which the same symbol as you've seen on the blue tile is painted.
  • The rule is the same in the second hall. Look for the blue tile on the floor while getting through dark corridors. In this hall there are four Pokemon trainers and five doors.
  • You meet the Gym Leader, Fantina in the last chamber. Beat Fantina to receive the Relic Badge and TM65 Shadow Claw from her.

Used Pokemon List

Pokemon Note
Duskull Fantina
Haunter Fantina
Mismagius Fantina

Trainers List

Trainer Class Note
Ace Trainer Uses tough Pokemon
Lass Tends to use weaker Pokemon. Female counterpart of Youngster
School Kid Uses a battle item or a potion in battle
Youngster Tends to use weaker Pokemon. Male counterpart of Lass

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