Team Base

PMD BRT Walkthrough - Team Base walkthrough, Pokemon list, hints and guide.

Let's Form Rescue Team!

  • When you first visit Team Base, you'll be asked to join your partner's rescue team. Agree to that and give the rescue team a distinguishable name.
  • Enter the team base building to sleep a night. When you wake up, you can't go out this time. Return to the bed and save, then sleep again.
  • Wake up once more and go out to find your partner has fallen asleep outside. Wake up your partner to make him check the mailbox. Receive Team Badge, Tool Box and Pokemon News.
  • When Pelipper delivers another letter to you, read it to learn it was from a Magnemite.
  • Visit Thunderwave Cave.

Visit Pelipper Post Office!

  • The next day you beated Thunderwave Cave, your partner Pokemon asks you to visit Pelipper's Post Office.
  • To visit Pelipper Post Office, first go east from in front of Team Base to appear in Pokemon Square. Keep going to the east until you reach a cape. There stands Pelipper's Post Office. Look at the Bulletin Board and accept some rescue requests.
  • Complete some rescue requests until one day a Dugtrio appears in your team base. Agree to help her son, Duglett.
  • Visit Mt. Steel to save Duglett.

Team Meanies and Caterpie!

  • One day you meet Team Meanies' members (Gengar, Medicham, and Ekans). They will take all the contents of your Mailbox.
  • Do some more rescuing until one day Caterpie appears in front of your Team Base. Caterpie wants you to rescue his friend, Metapod.
  • Head for Sinister Woods.

Jumpluff Needs Help!

  • After you beat Sinister Woods, complete some rescue missions till you meet Jumpluff in front of your Team Base. Jumpluff sent Shiftry's rescue team to save its friend, but nobody has come back as yet.
  • Head for Silent Chasm to find Jumpluff's friend.

Save Shiftry!

  • After returning to your Team Base from Silent Chasm, Alakazam, Charizard, and Tyranitar will appear in front of your house.
  • Head for Mt. Thunder to rescue Shiftry.

Departure as Fugitive!

  • After hearing Gengar's speech at Pokemon Square, you come back to Team Base with your partner. Have a talk with Alakazam. Sleep a night.
  • You can't come back to Team Base or Pokemon Square for a while. You must leave only with your partner Pokemon. You can visit shops at Pokemon Square for preparation if you like. Even though the shopkeepers are asleep, they do business with you.
  • Leave Team Base and watch a cutscene. Go into the next dungeon, Lapis Cave.

Punish Bad Mankeys!

  • After beating Mt. Freeze Peak, do a couple of rescue missions. The next day Wynaut and Wobbuffet will appear at the entrance of your Team Base. They tell you to see the Bulletin Board.
  • Look at the Bulletin Board near Pelipper Post Office. Accept the mission "Punish Bad Mankeys!". Talk with Wynaut and Wobbuffet to hear details.
  • Visit Uproar Forest.

Team Base Renovation!

  • After beating Uproar Forest, meet Wynaut and Wobbuffet to receive a Chestnut.
  • Watch a following event. Give the Chestnut to Mankeys. Your Team Base will get a renovation. When it's halfway done, Mankeys stop working.
  • Give another Chestnut you found in Uproar Forest to Mankeys. If you haven't got another Chestnut, visit Uproar Forest again to pick up some. Be careful though, this time there are Monster Houses in the dungeon.
  • The Mankeys resume working with another chestnut, but after a while quit work again. Give them yet another Chestnut. If you don't have any Chestnut, look for one in Uproar Forest again.
  • When your Team Base renovation is finally done, the Team Base will look considerably different. The outlook of your team base depends on what Pokemon you are.
  • Do some more rescue missions until one day a meeting is held in Pokemon Square. Go to Pokemon Square.

Team Flag Repainting!

  • When you bring Smeargle from Howling Forest, watch an ensuing scene. Smeargle will eventually join your rescue team.
  • If you want to have your team flag look differently, visit Smeargle living at Sky Blue Plains and ask him to repaint it. If you don't like the repainted design, talk to Smeargle again to have him give the flag another illustration.

Medicham's Wish Stone!

  • After coming back from Wish Cave, Medicham gives you Wish Stone. With Wish Stone, you can make a wish on Jirachi in Wish Cave.

Gengar and Gardevoir!

  • Visit Pelipper's Post Office after you rescued Medicham from Wish Cave. Talk to Medicham and Ekans to hear about Gengar.
  • Go to Pokemon Square the next day. Speak to Medicham and Ekans to learn Gengar has set off for Mt. Freeze.
  • Beat Mt. Freeze and Mt. Freeze Peak. When you arrive at the summit, there is nobody.
  • Return to Team Base. Next morning you meet Gengar in front of Team Base. Agree to visit Mt. Freeze With Gengar.
  • When you visit Mt. Freeze next time, Gengar will tag along. Take Gengar to the summit to meet Ninetales. Gengar receives 9-tail Crest. Return to Team Base.
  • Next morning, Gengar appears again in front of your Team Base. Comply with Gengar's demand and head for Murky Cave.

Recruit Gardevoir!

  • After you beat Murky Cave, talk with Gardevoir and Gengar, then receive Mobile Scarf from Gengar.
  • You can recruit Gardevoir just by speaking to it standing at Pokemon Square.