Monster House

PMD BRT Walkthrough - How to get away with Monster House.

What is Monster House?

  • Monster house means a room packed with many enemy Pokemon.
  • When you step into a room that is a Monster House, the BGM changes, and all Enemy Pokemon in the room will move toward you and attack you at once.

How to Get Away with Monster House

  • If it is only you who can fight against the bunch of Pokemon, you must make your party members escape. Open Menu, then select Team, (Team Member), Tactics, and Get Away for each team member respectively. Then you alone stand in the passageway and defeat enemy Pokemon one by one until you eliminate the pack while your team members run away. When fighting in a passageway, not in a room, only one enemy Pokemon can hit you in a turn however many the enemies are. If you don't want your team members to go too far away, you can always order them to Wait There via Tactics.
  • Petrify Orb is also useful.