Mt. Freeze

PMD BRT Walkthrough - Mt. Freeze walkthrough, Pokemon list, hints and guide.


  • You can store/take items by examining the Kangaskhan statue in front of the dungeon.
  • Your next destination is either Mt. Freeze or Snow Path. Proceed to Mt. Freeze if you intend to meet Ninetails. When you want to do some leveling up before heading to Mt. Freeze, you can visit Snow Path. The Snow Path loops back to the entrance, so that you can explore and do more leveling up many times.
  • Mt. Freeze has 15 floors. Take stairs on 15F to appear at Mt. Freeze Mid. Examine the Kangaskhan statue to save.
  • Go into Mt. Freeze Peak.

Pokemon List

Species of Pokemon you encounter in Mt. Freeze.

Pokemon Type
Chimecho Psychic
Pineco Bug
Pupitar Rock/Ground
Seel Water
Seviper Poison
Shelgon Dragon
Slacking Normal
Swablu Normal/Flying
Vigoroth Normal
Zangoose Normal