Magma Cavern

PMD BRT Walkthrough - Magma Cavern walkthrough, Pokemon list, hints and guide.


  • Proceed until you reach B23F. Watch out for Monster House.
  • Take stairs on B23F to appear in Magma Cavern Mid. You can save by examining Kangaskhan statue. Go into Magma Cavern Pit.

Pokemon List

Species of Pokemon you encounter in Magma Cavern.

Pokemon Type
Arbok Poison
Golem Rock/Ground
Graveler Rock/Ground
Grimer Poison
Magcargo Rock/Fire
Magmar Fire
Mawile Steel
Nidoking Poison/Ground
Nidoqueen Poison/Ground
Onix Rock/Ground
Raticate Normal
Rhydon Ground/Rock
Sandshrew Ground
Sandslash Ground