Magma Cavern Pit

PMD BRT Walkthrough - Magma Cavern Pit walkthrough, Pokemon list, hints and guide.


  • Take stairs leading down to B2F. Meet Charizard and Tyranitar.
  • Proceed to B3F. Meet Alakazam and watch an ensuing scene.
  • Defeat the Boss, Groudon. First have your partner Pokemon attack Groudon while you throw Gravelrocks toward Groudon. By throwing a Gravelrock, you can inflict 20 damages to Groudon. When your partner Pokemon's HP gets low, throw Oran Berry to it. If you have no Oran Berries left, order "Get Away" via Tactics so that your partner can evade. Then it's time for you to attack Groudon by yourself and defeat it.
  • After defeating the boss, return to Pokemon Square.

Pokemon List

Species of Pokemon you encounter in Magma Cavern Pit.

Pokemon Type
Onix Rock/Ground
Steelix Steel/Ground