The Magmaroo

DQ9 Walkthrough - The Magmaroo walkthrough, hints and guide.

On Your First Visit

  • Go up the dungeon and head for the summit.
  • Monsters such as Bagma, Corrupt Carter, Green Dragon, Hell Nino, Magmalice, Mandrake Marauder, and Mega Moai appear in The Magmaroo.
  • When you pass the gate at the summit, Greygnarl appears. Defeat the Boss, Greygnarl. Obtain the Dragon Scale.
  • Talk with Greygnarl, then a villager woman. Descend the mountain to return to Upover.

After Receiving Drunken Dragon

  • Talk to Greygnarl, then watch a short scene. Defeat an Aggrosculpture.
  • Receive the Dragon Helm, Dragon Mail, Dragon Trousers and other equipments from Greygnarl. Equip all five items.
  • Talk to Greygnarl, then watch an ensuing scene. You'll be sent to Gortress.