DQ9 Walkthrough - Upover walkthrough, hints and guide.

On Your First Visit

  • When you reach Upover, climb up to the highest bit of the village.
  • Visit the Mayor's residence. Talk to the Mayor so that the soldier guarding the entrance to The Magmaroo would let you pass.

After Defeating Greygnarl

  • When you come back to Upover, soldiers from Gittish Empire are pillaging the village.
  • Head for the entrance, then talk to the pink soldier. Defeat a Fright Knight and two Stenchurions.
  • After defeating the soldiers, watch an ensuing scene. Lieutenant Hootingham Gore leaves Upover for now.
  • Go to the entrance to The Magmaroo and talk to the woman you met at the summit of The Magmaroo. She'll deliver message from Greygnarl.
  • Take stairs nearby leading down to the fermentation room where the Drunken Dragon is stored. Talk to the man who watches over the drink and receive a glass of Drunken Dragon.
  • Visit Quester's Rest at Stornway. Then drop off all party members other than yourself. Cast Zoom and visit The Magmaroo Summit alone.