Secret Store at Dourbridge

DQ9 how to get into the hidden store at Dourbridge.

Get into Hidden Store

  • There is a secret shop that you can't find easily at Dourbridge.
  • In order to enter the hidden store, first go into the southeast building. You are in the right room, but the other room to the left of it is apparently there. But you can't go into the left room via the right room.
  • Leave the building, then go to the back of the building. When you stand next to the hidden entrance door, a "!" will appear above your head. Enter the left room of this building this way.
  • When you enter the left room, take stairs leading down to the secret shop!

Items You Can Buy at Hidden Store

  • The most remarkable thing purchasable at this secret store is the Boss shield. You can buy Boss shield for 27000 gold coins.
    Boss shield is blessed with the highest defense among all the shield that can be bought at armour shops. Even the Power shield, the best shield at Upover armour shop, can't beat this Boss shield.
    If you have extra money before heading off for Realm of the Mighty and have nothing to spend on, the Boss shield is for you.
  • You can buy other items as well. If you want to get dressed like a handmaiden, be sure to visit this secret shop. You can buy a series of armours that turn you into a maid. The problem is they are high-priced, and don't afford as high defense as other expensive armours. But maybe your wish to become a maid might surpass your reason...