Weaver's Peak (Dream World)

DQ6 Walkthrough - Weaver's Peak in the Dream World.

On Your First Visit

  • Wake up and talk with Tania.
  • Mayor Spindell's residence is at the northeast of town. Visit Mayor Spindell and speak to him. Mayor Spindell will ask you to receive the Spirit Crown at Haggleton.
  • Leave Weaver's Peak by the south exit. You will travel across the mountain pass. Go down along the pass, either by ladders or falling off from the end of the cliff. Go south and you will find the next town. Go into Haggleton.

After Obtaining Spirit Crown

  • Talk to the old lady waiting for you in your house. Sleep until the Fortune Festival begins.
  • While you are in the church for the festival ritual, the Mountain Spirit takes over Tania's body. The Mountain Spirit talks about your destiny.
  • After you heard the Spirit's word, visit Mayor Spindell's residence. Talk to Mayor Spindell and he will hand you the Entry Pass to Somnia.
  • To the left of Mayor Spindell's residence, Tania and Buddy are talking. Listen to them, then watch Tania leave. Talk to Tania in your house. Sleep the night.
  • Wake up and leave Weaver's Peak. Go south past Haggleton and you will reach Somnia.